Best mobile internet connection for poker

Playing poker on mobile phones is one of the more recent trends and is rapidly gaining in popularity, primarily because of ability to play the game at any time and at any place. Both the iPhone and Android phones are the favoured devices for playing poker on the go, and there is no shortage of poker apps for both of these phones, for instance mobile poker can be downloaded from poker sites. If you do sign up with good online casino room you'll receive a great poker bonus.

Although for the most part the experience of playing poker on a mobile is every much as enjoyable as playing it on a fixed internet connection, but as everybody who accesses the internet on their mobile knows, connectivity is not always reliable. Although 3G is theoretically an excellent service, there are times and places where it is simply not available, or if it is it is unreasonably slow.

Choosing the best mobile internet provider for playing poker can be problematic. You may well find that a particular network is excellent where you live, but not so good at other places that you visit. You can check out the various providers’ coverage maps, but these don’t always tell the full story; for instance coverage may be excellent in the open air, but inside a building it can become decidedly intermittent.

Playing mobile poker really does need a reliable connection. Losing your connection when you are playing a hand can be at the least very frustrating, and it can be expensive too. Most mobile poker providers have a disconnection protection policy that, in certain types of game, mean that you don’t lose out if your connection fails; what happens is that you are put all-in for the current size of the pot if your connection drops out and you fail to re-establish another connection within the time-out period. However, in some games and without disconnection protection it is assumed that you have folded your hand; not too good if you are sitting on a strong hand.

It is to be hoped that disconnection will cease to be a problem once we are using 4G, but for now you will need to do a little research to find the best mobile poker internet connection for you.