New UK Gambling Tax Law

Gambling is one of the fields of the social life which develops all the time. Just a couple of years ago none could say that it would be possible to play at online casinos being absolutely sure that your money is protected and you can receive your winnings just in a few minutes. Today online gambling is one of the best ways to enjoy gambling games and you can do that whenever you want regardless the place of your dwelling.

UK is one of the countries which have the biggest rate of gambling development – it was the first one to legalize gambling and online gambling at its territory. Right now UK offers most number of services to gamblers – it’s not about just playing, it’s also about plenty of player support techniques helping a player feel comfortable, safe with his deposits and even confident in the win with various win predicting tricks. At the same time, this country’s one of those where the laws on gambling are changing all the time so the players and casino owners should follow them not to miss some changes which will have strong impact on the gambling life.

For example, one of the recent laws concerning gambling on the territory of the United Kingdom states that every casino and offshore should pay 15% tax of the consumption rate. The law has been introduced in December, 2013 and now it has been approved by the House of Lords. You can read more information here about this new law.

Is This Law is Good?

Many players ask a question how this law will influence gambling at the territory of UK. If fact, no one can tell for sure that the situation will be changed because the number of casinos remains to be high as well as number of players there (and in this way, the profits of the casinos), so it is still questionable whether all of them will be able to pay this tax.

Most of the economists say that small casinos with low number of active players, as well as some of the offshore, will stop to operate, while others change their licensing. It is known that tax rate of Gibraltar is only 1% and it cannot be compared to new taxes introduced in UK.

Obviously, most of the companies acting on the territory of UK today are not ready to such changes, and probably the policy of providing bonuses and winnings will be changed a little bit.

If you prefer to play at UK casinos, you may be sure that some of those that are popular today will continue to provide their services. Probably, it would be a good check for the casinos to understand their paying capabilities and level of profits.